CR O-rings 60 Shore A

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What is CR (Chloroprene rubber):

O-rings from Neoprene rubbers are homopolymers of chloroprene (chlorobutadiene) and functional to the earliest synthetic rubbers used to produce seals. CR O-rings are not useful in environments with aromatic and oxygen-rich solvents. Different compositions can be used to form Neoprene for operating temperatures from -40 °C to + 110 °C.

The advantage of CR O-rings:

  • Good resistance to bending cracks
  • Good aging properties in ozone and weather environments
  • Operating temperatures from -40 °C to + 110 °C

The disadvantage of CR O-rings:

  • Poor resistance to petroleum-based lubricants
  • Poor resistance to oxygen
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O-Ring 56 X 5 CR60 Black O-ring Black56 x 5CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee58 icon
O-Ring 283 X 12 CR55 Black O-ring Black283 x 12CR-Neoprene55 Shore ANee51 icon
O-Ring 107.32 X 5.33 CR60 Black O-ring Black107.32 x 5.33CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee58 icon
O-Ring 40 X 3.5 CR60 Black O-ring Black40 x 3.5CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 444x8 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-315490 O-ring Black444 x 8CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee55 icon
O-Ring 13.1x1.6 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-300296 O-ring Black13.1 x 1.6CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee60 icon
O-Ring 52x2 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-300297 O-ring Black52 x 2CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 170.82x5.33 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-311892 O-ring Black170.82 x 5.33CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 40.64x5.33 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-479175 O-ring Black40.64 x 5.33CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 314x8 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-315491 O-ring Black314 x 8CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee51 icon
O-Ring 426x5 CR-Neoprene - 60 Shore A - Black - ses-311843 O-ring Black426 x 5CR-Neoprene60 Shore ANee55 icon