FEPM O-rings - 70 Shore A

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What is a FEPM O-ring?

Perfluoroelastomers have PTFE-similar chemical and heat resistance. They combine these positive properties of an O-ring from PTFE (Tetrafluoroethylene-propylene rubber) with the elastic behavior of an O-ring from FKM. Due to the considerably higher price level of this material group, perfluoro elastomers are only used if other materials can no longer meet the requirements and if safety aspects justify the higher costs. The main application areas are oilfield and chemical applications.

The advantage of FEPM:

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • From 0 ºC to +235 ºC
  • good chemical resistance
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O-Ring 10.77 X 2.62 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black10.77 x 2.62FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee60 icon
O-Ring 31 X 2.5 FEPM60 Black O-ring Black31 x 2.5FEPM - Aflas60 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 101.27 X 2.62 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black101.27 x 2.62FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee58 icon
O-Ring 390 X 8 FEPM60 Black O-ring Black390 x 8FEPM - Aflas60 Shore ANee52 icon
O-Ring 210 X 13 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black210 x 13FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 19 X 3 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black19 x 3FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 295 X 4.3 FEPM50 Black O-ring Black295 x 4.3FEPM - Aflas0.169291 Shore ANee50 icon
O-Ring 28.24 X 2.62 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black28.24 x 2.62FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 10 X 4 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black10 x 4FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee58 icon
O-Ring 78 X 3 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black78 x 3FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 10 X 3.5 FEPM50 Black O-ring Black10 x 3.5FEPM - Aflas0.137795 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 9.25 X 1.83 FEPM60 Black O-ring Black9.25 x 1.83FEPM - Aflas60 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 41 X 3 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black41 x 3FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 37.82 X 1.78 FEPM50 Black O-ring Black37.82 x 1.78FEPM - Aflas0.0700786 Shore ANee60 icon
O-Ring 185 X 3 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black185 x 3FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee55 icon
O-Ring 18 X 2.5 FEPM10 Black O-ring Black18 x 2.5FEPM - Aflas0.098425 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 22 X 1.5 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black22 x 1.5FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 30 X 2.5 FEPM50 Black O-ring Black30 x 2.5FEPM - Aflas0.098425 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 50.17 X 5.33 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black50.17 x 5.33FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee57 icon
O-Ring 170 X 5 FEPM45 Black O-ring Black170 x 5FEPM - Aflas0.19685 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 1.78 X 1.78 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black1.78 x 1.78FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee51 icon
O-Ring 44.04 X 3.53 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black44.04 x 3.53FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 30 X 5 FEPM45 Black O-ring Black30 x 5FEPM - Aflas0.19685 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 177 X 7 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black177 x 7FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 278.76 X 5.34 FEPM65 Black O-ring Black278.76 x 5.34FEPM - Aflas65 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 125 X 5 FEPM50 Black O-ring Black125 x 5FEPM - Aflas0.19685 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 21.3 X 3.6 FEPM55 Black O-ring Black21.3 x 3.6FEPM - Aflas55 Shore ANee50 icon
O-Ring 54 X 4 FEPM79 Black O-ring Black54 x 4FEPM - Aflas80 Shore ANee54 icon