FVMQ O-rings < 50 Shore A

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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStock
O-Ring 100 X 8 FVMQ-MFQ45 Blue O-ring Blue100 mm x 8 mmFVMQ45 Shore ANee51icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 118 X 2.5 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue118 mm x 2.5 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee56icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 33 X 3.5 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue33 mm x 3.5 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee57icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 69.22 X 5.33 FVMQ-MFQ45 Blue O-ring Blue69.22 mm x 5.33 mmFVMQ45 Shore ANee52icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 170 X 15 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue170 mm x 15 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee53icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 270 X 5 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue270 mm x 5 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee56icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 125 X 7 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue125 mm x 7 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee54icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 120 X 6 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue120 mm x 6 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee57icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 112 X 2 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue112 mm x 2 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee56icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 115 X 15 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue115 mm x 15 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee52icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 183 X 10 FVMQ-MFQ50 Blue O-ring Blue183 mm x 10 mmFVMQ50 Shore ANee60icon-bekijk icon

Fluorosilicone was invented by Dow Corning in the early 1950’s. The international nomenclature for fluorosilicone rubber is FVMQ. FVMQ polymers are built of polysiloxane chains where methyl side groups are replaced by trifluoropropyl side groups. Therefore they have nearly the same mechanical and physical properties as silicone rubber but due to the fluorination they show better resistance against many fluids. FVMQ polymers typically contain 23-28 % Fluor. FVMQ has a good heat resistance, very good low temperature flexibility and excellent resistance to weather, ozone and UV rays. Compared to VMQ the temperature range is slightly reduced from -50°C to +180°C.

FVMQ rubber compoud is resistant against

• Automotive fuels (gasoline leaded/unleaded, diesel, RME and various test fuels)
• Mineral and synthetic oils
• ATF (automatic transmission fluid)
• Jet fuels and oils
• Various other chemicals and many solvents