NBR O-rings < 40 Shore A

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O-Ring 21.59x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-523035 O-ring Black21.59 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee57icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 65x5 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-301942 O-ring Black65 mm x 5 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee60icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 52x2 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-318813 O-ring Black52 mm x 2 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee55icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 62.87x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-303650 O-ring Black62.87 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee53icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 88.27x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-300361 O-ring Black88.27 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee53icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 433.6x10 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-301502 O-ring Black433.6 mm x 10 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee57icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 117.07x3.53 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-325278 O-ring Black117.07 mm x 3.53 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee53icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 50.52x1.78 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-475935 O-ring Black50.52 mm x 1.78 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee53icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 499x8 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-326777 O-ring Black499 mm x 8 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee52icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 62x5 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-303899 O-ring Black62 mm x 5 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee57icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 110.49x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-301723 O-ring Black110.49 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee55icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 12.29x3.53 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-424236 O-ring Black12.29 mm x 3.53 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee58icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 50.17x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-523036 O-ring Black50.17 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee52icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 10x3.5 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-441471 O-ring Black10 mm x 3.5 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee55icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 104.14x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-300359 O-ring Black104.14 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee54icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 613x8 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-326776 O-ring Black613 mm x 8 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee60icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 130x6.5 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-424278 O-ring Black130 mm x 6.5 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee50icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 398x10 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-311165 O-ring Black398 mm x 10 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee51icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 72.4x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-301632 O-ring Black72.4 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee50icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 398x11 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-303619 O-ring Black398 mm x 11 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee54icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 116.84x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-301704 O-ring Black116.84 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee54icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 58.74x3.53 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-326785 O-ring Black58.74 mm x 3.53 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee59icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 69.6x5.7 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-314211 O-ring Black69.6 mm x 5.7 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee54icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 2.9x1.78 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-325805 O-ring Black2.9 mm x 1.78 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee51icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 135x6.5 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-424279 O-ring Black135 mm x 6.5 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee52icon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 81.92x5.33 NBR 40 Shore A - Black - ses-300360 O-ring Black81.92 mm x 5.33 mmNBR-Buna40 Shore ANee60icon-bekijk icon

The origin of NBR

Nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) was developed by the chemical company ‘I.G. Farbenindusty’ from Germany between WWI and WWII. At first the material was called Buna-N® and was later renamed to Perbunan®. The material first came to market in the 30s and is nowadays the most used elastomer for standard seals like O-rings and other seals.

What is NBR?

NBR is an elastomer, which is a synthetic polymer obtained by the copolymerization of acrylonitrile and 1,3-butadiene. The characteristics are partly determined by the amount of acrylonitrile in the material and this varies from 18 to 50 percent. As the acrylonitrile increases, resistance to petroleum base oils and hydrocarbon fuels increases, but low temperature flexibility decreases and the rubber can become brittle.

What is NBR used for?

  • Seals
  • O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • Pipe and Cable Covers

The advantages of NBR

  • Resistant against oils, fats, hydrocarbons, diluted acids
  • Has good mechanical qualities and is wear-resistant
  • Good resistance to heat
  • It is powerful and elastic
  • It has a working temperature range of -35°C tot + 120°C (-30 ° F tot + 250 ° F)

The downside of NBR

  • It has limited resistance to weather and ozone conditions
  • Not well resistant to aromatic compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketone brake fluids and strong acids
  • Must be kept out of direct sunlight
  • The working temperature range is limited in comparison to other materials

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