ACM O-rings 95 Shore A

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O-Ring 9 X 1.8 ACM95 Black O-ring Black91 mm  x 1.8 mm ACM95 Shore A Neeicon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 20 X 3 ACM95 Black O-ring Black20 mm  x 3 mm ACM95 Shore A Neeicon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 11.11 X 1.78 ACM95 Black O-ring Black11.11 mm  x 1.78 mm ACMNeeicon-bekijk icon

What is ACM?

The ACM (acrylic rubber) O-ring offers good resistance to mineral oils at high temperatures. The O-ring ACM is generally used the most in the automotive industry. The water compatibility and cold flexibility of the O-ring ACM are significantly worse than with NBR.

The advantage of ACM O-ring:

  • Aging
  • Weather conditions
  • Ozone
  • Engine, transmission and AFT oils based on mineral oil
  • Temperature from -30 °C to +160 °C

The disadvantage of ACM O-ring:

  • Hot water, water vapor
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Brake fluids based on glycol
  • Aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons