AU O-rings 65 Shore A

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O-Ring 11.11 X 1.78 AU-EU-PU65 Black O-ring Black11.11 mm  x 1.78 mm AU-EU-PU65 Shore A Neeicon-bekijk icon
O-Ring 13 X 2.5 AU-EU-PU64 O-ring Black13 mm  x 2.5 mm AU-EU-PU65 Shore A Neeicon-bekijk icon

What is AU?

The polyurethane rubber O-rings are characterized by very high performance. The O-rings from AU have very good properties such as tear and wear resistance, high gas density, and good rebound elasticity. AU O-rings also have good fuel resistance and resistance to many different types of technical oils. Due to the good temperature resistance and the good flexibility at low temperatures and the good resistance to ozone and oxygen, polyurethane rubber seals (AU O-rings) have a long service life.

The advantage of AU:

  • Tear and wear resistance
  • High gas density
  • Good rebound elasticity
  • Long lifespan
  • temperature from -30 °C to +125 °C