Silicon O-rings 50 Shore A

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O-Ring 20 X 2 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red20 mm x 2 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee57 icon
O-Ring 148 X 4 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red148 mm x 4 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 4.7 X 1.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Blue O-ring Blue4.7 mm x 1.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee58 icon
O-Ring 18 X 4 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Blue O-ring Blue18 mm x 4 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee51 icon
O-Ring 115 X 3.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red115 mm x 3.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 10.1 X 1.6 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red10.1 mm x 1.6 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee52 icon
O-Ring 10.82 X 1.78 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Blue O-ring Blue10.82 mm x 1.78 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee50 icon
O-Ring 80x6 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red FDA - ses-479206 O-ring Red80 mm x 6 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore AJa52 icon
O-Ring 75x5 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Transparent - ses-466061 O-ring Transparant75 mm x 5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee52 icon
O-Ring 34.65x1.78 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red - ses-469833 O-ring Red34.65 mm x 1.78 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee51 icon
O-Ring 10 X 1.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red10 mm x 1.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee51 icon
O-Ring 40 X 2 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Blue O-ring Blue40 mm x 2 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee52 icon
O-Ring 20x3 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red - ses-325160 O-ring Red20 mm x 3 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee57 icon
O-Ring 190 X 6.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red190 mm x 6.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 640x8 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red - ses-326744 O-ring Red640 mm x 8 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 160 X 4 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red160 mm x 4 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 10x2.5 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red FDA - ses-1876 O-ring Red10 mm x 2.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore AJa51 icon
O-Ring 17 X 2 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red17 mm x 2 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 5.5 X 1.1 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Blue O-ring Blue5.5 mm x 1.1 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 24 X 3 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Transparent O-ring Transparant24 mm x 3 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee57 icon
O-Ring 8.92x1.83 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Black - ses-526858 O-ring Black8.92 mm x 1.83 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee58 icon
O-Ring 220 X 7 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Blue O-ring Blue220 mm x 7 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 24.99 X 3.53 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Blue O-ring Blue24.99 mm x 3.53 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 5 X 1.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red5 mm x 1.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee52 icon
O-Ring 10 X 2.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Blue O-ring Blue10 mm x 2.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee57 icon
O-Ring 120 X 3 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red120 mm x 3 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee59 icon
O-Ring 9 X 1 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 White O-ring White90 mm x 1 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 325 X 5.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red325 mm x 5.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 254 X 2 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red254 mm x 2 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 22 X 5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red22 mm x 5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee55 icon
O-Ring 222 X 4 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red222 mm x 4 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee60 icon
O-Ring 3.68x1.78 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red - ses-115871 O-ring Red3.68 mm x 1.78 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee55 icon
O-Ring 2.9 X 1.78 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red2.9 mm x 1.78 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee52 icon
O-Ring 192 X 4 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Red O-ring Red192 mm x 4 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee56 icon
O-Ring 14 X 2 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ50 Transparent O-ring Transparant14 mm x 2 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee55 icon
O-Ring 330 X 4 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red330 mm x 4 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee54 icon
O-Ring 104.14 X 5.33 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Blue O-ring Blue104.14 mm x 5.33 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 10.5 X 1.5 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red10.5 mm x 1.5 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee53 icon
O-Ring 64x7 Silicone (VMQ) 50 Shore A - Red - ses-319950 O-ring Red64 mm x 7 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee50 icon
O-Ring 164 X 3 VMQ-MVQ-Si-PMQ-PVMQ55 Red O-ring Red164 mm x 3 mmSilicone (VMQ)50 Shore ANee51 icon

What is VMQ Silicones?

VMQ Silicones is a group of elastomeric materials made from silicones, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. As a group, silicones have poor tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. Special compounds have been developed with exceptional resistance to heat and pressure changes. High-strength compounds have also been made, but their strength is not comparable to conventional rubber.
The compounds:
Some special compounds withstand even higher temperatures.
Silicone compounds are very clean and are used in many food and medical applications because they do not give off odor or taste. Silicone compounds are not recommended for dynamic sealing applications due to the relatively low tear strength and high coefficient of friction.
Siicones can be formulated to be electrically resistant, conductive or flame retardant. Many silicone compounds have a higher shrinkage than normal. That is why production molds for silicone products are often different from molds for nitrile.
Characteristics of silicone compounds:
• Extreme temperature range
• Low temperature flexibility
VMQ benefits:
• Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures from -50 °C to + 232 °C (-58 °F to + 450 °F)
• The retention of properties of silicone at high temperatures is superior to most other elastic materials.
• Resistant to hot air, ozone, UV radiation, engine and transmission oils, animal and vegetable fats and oils and brake fluids.
• Low resistance
• Stays stable in extreme environments
• Material properties remain the same over a wide temperature range
• High temperature resistance
• Extremely suitable for industrial applications
• The rubber with the largest temperature range (-100 °C to more than +300 °C) phenyl silicone rubber
• Superior aging and ozone resistance
• High electrical insulation values
• Wide range of chemical resistances
• Good compression set at higher temperatures
• Restituent for bacteria and fungi
• 54 to 232 °C
• Resistant to oxygen ozone and UV light
• Silicones are generally non-reactive, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and antifungal. They have also set a high level of flexibility and low compression.
Cons of VMQ:
Low resistance to mineral oils
Silicone rubber is difficult to attach
Poor gas density
Non-resistant to hydrocarbon, based fuels, aromatic hydrocarbons, low molecular weight silicone oils, strong acids and alkalis.
It is known as a mechanically weaker
Poor mechanical performance, sensitive to shear forces and therefore not suitable for dynamic or rotating closure applications.
What is it used for?
  • Medical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Stimulant industry
History of VMQ silicone
In 1943, Dow Corining (a collaboration of Dow Chemicals and the Corning Glass Company) was the first to produce silicone rubber. Moments later General Electric followed with the production of silicone rubber. They patented their production method.
Trade Names:
KE® (Shin-Etsu Silicones), Silastic® (Dow Corning Corp.), Silplus® (Momentive Performance Materials Inc.), Tufel® (Momentive Performance Materials Inc.)
Momentive Performance Materials Inc.)