About us

Team Eur-O-Rings

We are O-ring-stocks.

A company owned by Techniparts.

We, O-ring-stocks, are a supplier for o-rings and other industrial seals. O-ring-stocks has over 20 years of experience in the field of o-rings and seals. This knowledge results in being able to give our customers the best possible sealing solutions.

We are a small company based in Wezep (near Zwolle). Our main focus is our customer service and if you are unable to find a specific size of a seal we are always ready to provide a custom made o-ring for you. We have a solution for every sealing problem.

You can always drop by to discuss your specific sealing problem. You can make an appointment so that we can ensure to plan in enough time to give you the help you need. In the case it is not possible for you to come by, you are welcome to send us you problem by email or post. We will then contact you and discuss the possibilities for your project.

Our Team

Frank_Muntz Frank Muntz - Owner/Director

Foto_Jaco Jaco Zwiggelaar - Sales & Logistics Manager

Foto_Constance Constance Muntz - Sales & Logistics

Foto_Youri Youri Rotman - Online Sales & Logistics

Foto_Jarony Jarony Zwijns - Sales & Logistics

Foto_Danny Danny Witvoet - E-Commerce & Marketing Manager

Foto_Bram Bram Mulder - Jr. E-Commerce

Foto_Quinten Quinten Muntz - Commercial Assistant

Foto_Fedde Fedde Pierik - Commercial Assistant