O-Ring 158.12x5.33 PFA-Viton - 90 Shore A - Black/Transparent FDA - ses-6521975

Size158.12 mm x 5.33 mm
Hardness90 Shore A
Product number171583
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Product number171583
CategoryPFA O-rings
Chemical namesFluoriertes Ethylen-Propylen / Fluor-Rubber
Cord Thickness5.33 mm
Cord Thickness Inch0.2098421 "
Din 3771 Size158.12 x 5.33
Extra DescriptionPFA Ommantelde Viton O-Ring
Extra infoPFA
Hardness90 Shore A
Inner Diameter158.13 mm
Inner Diameter Inch62.251.845 "
Technical NamePFA / Viton
Temperature Max200 ºC
Temperature Min-50 ºC
Trade NamesDai-el - Viton
Dimensions and weight
Length/depth15,8 cm
Width15,8 cm
Height0,5 cm
Dimension15,8 x 15,8 x 0,5 cm ( L x B x H)
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This PVA-Viton O-Ring is mm and in the color Schwarz/Transperant. The Hardness of this is schwarz/Transperant.The alternative names of the compound are PVA-Viton and they are mostly produced by 5.33 mm. The O-ring is commonly used in 158.12 X 5.33 and has an operating temperature range from 200 ºC to -50 ºC. O-rings are indicated as 171583 and have a DIN 3771 Size of FDA. This item is equal to and has an 90 Shore A Approval. The chemical name of this Oring is 158.12 mm.

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